Our Team Members

The Helpful Organization

Miss Mittens

Miss Mittens is the CEO of the organization. She focuses on the leading the organization in the right direction, bringing together each part of the organization to make important things happen.

Head of PR

Steve is the head of public realtions for the organization. He focuses on the interactions with the general public, such as advertisement and also events. He sets up and directs events for the community and always helps out whenever he can.

Head of Finance

Carol is the head of finance for the organization. She focuses on the buisness aspect of our organization, dealing with money affairs, clientel, and other buisness tasks. She also guides the organization and her fellow members as an effective leader.

Head of HR

Eric is the head of human resources of the organization. He focuses on all of the other people involved with the organization. He deals with people both above and below him to make the workplace better.