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Places my friends and I like to visit
(since they're the only tings open after 10 p.m.)

I know, I know, a store like meijer doesn't seem like the most exciting place to hang out with friends, but in a smaller town, there isn't too much else to do besides walk around the store and joke around. A typical visit consits of just meandering around the store, making sure to stop at the internation section to get snacks and drinks, followed by weaving through the toy aisles.

Out of the limited selection of restaurants in my town, Applebees is one of the few places still open after 10 p.m. The reason we choose this place over others is due to the fact that is usually open the latest and also has a wide variety of food, spanning from typical bar food, to American food, among other things.

Similar to Meijer, not too many places are open late at night once everyone is off of work and avaliable to do anything. Ususally we come here to get snacks, drinks, and other miscallanious items such as beauty products or things for our cars. Typically we just walk around until we find something that we find interesting, or we know exactly what we want and head directly there, such as with a snack or drink.