MHS Basketball to Play Rival Next Week

Boys and girls basketball teams will face Bedford at home

Next week both boys and girls varsity basketball teams will be facing Bedford at Bedford High School starting Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. In the last scuffle, MHS was victorious, keeping the bragging rights in Monroe's hands. Both students and coaches alike are expecting another victory against Monroe High's rival. On the other side, Bedford is hoping to make a comeback and reclaim bragging rights until the next time schools face eachother in another sporting event. Both coaches and students alike from both schools are eager to face off on Monday and had a lot to say when interviewed.

Monroe's outlook

Monroe plans on reigning victorious after this bout, especially after training non-stop, day after day in preparation for this very game. Each day after school both the boys and girls varsity teams head to the court and weightroom to continue improving themselves and their skills which they'll need to beat Bedford. When interviewed, captain of the boys team, Joe Schmoe, said, Yeah, we've been working day and night getting ready for the game. We need to win this game. Other members of both teams agreed, saying similar things as to what Schmoe said. Overall, Monroe is ready for the big day, but is Bedford?

Bedford's outlook

On Monday Bedford plans on taking back the winning title, and holding it until the next major sporting event between the schools. Similarly to Monroe, Bedford has been working hard in an attempt to beat their rival at the game. By 6:00 p.m. on Monday night, Bedford expects themselves to be in peak shape, ready to fight until the final buzzer for the victory. Captain of the girls team, Violet Rose said, We've been practicing and working out almost endlessly in preparation for this game. We will win this game.

All in all, both teams are ready for the big game and are expecting to win, even if it means fighting to the last buzzer.

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Coverage of the game

In the end, the game was extremely close through and through, ending 62-56 in Monroe's favor. The Monroe News has more coverage on the game here, along with coverage on other, local games.